Bluestack for PC – Free Download


Bluestack produces a virtual android platform. It offers user friendly navigation that enables you to get an access to any of android application directly on your PC. It provides same views, graphics and features as an android Smartphone does have. Its capabilities enable you to quickly play games and applications, those are available on play store. Fortunately, Bluestack emulator offers you a chance to be familiar with Android applications, as not all of us carry Android phones. Apart from this, you can access social platform here as well. Bluestack saves your PC memory, time and data pack consumption as APK files are just in MB’s. These could be installed by taking less amount of time. It has capabilities such as one click installation where you just have to select and click on your particular app direct from Play Store to get installed on Bluestack Emulator.


It carries a built in applications known as Cloud connect which manages all the existing Android applications within Bluestack. Bluestack supports both Tab view and Smartphone view for its existing applications. When you are running an application, such as a Subway surfer, you can select it from Cloud connect gallery where list of all your installed applications are found. You just have to type and pull one of your interests using its search bar, and play it on. If you want to customize its view or reorganize your applications, you can find out setting menu in its right bottom corner.

Communicate with your friends using its social platform or messengers after making a successful installation more effectively on its huge screen with good graphics. Features include built in browser for site surfing, Google Play Store for app download, and so on. Bluestack always seeks out application update, as a new version is found you will instantly get a feedback from Bluestack for its update.


You might face an issue regarding internet speed in its built in browser or installation of application from its existing play store. Well in such scenarios, you can directly switch yourself to PC browser and download you APK files. And then simply you have to install them on the Emulator. It has 103 MB size and does not affect your PC speed after installation on the same. It almost supports all apps or games to be played.

Merits of Bluestack:

  • Your computer system will be operated as smooth it used to be before its download and installation.
  • It has user friendly interface and supports different views such as full screen, mini screen, Tab screen view, etc. during access to Android application.
  • It has smoothened start up.
  • It is available for free in the market.

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