Accompani! Beyond your thoughts!


The best option to organize and take control of contacts those are scattered here and there in your phones and e-mail IDs. Due to too many contacts sometimes you miss out the details and timings of sending calls or messages. Accompani wants to change all that by providing a single platform to maintain all contacts. The great brain behind the idea is man from ex-Google Analytics Mr. Amy Chang and Matthias Ruhl. They are using the data science and compter systems to make the relation management for busy people from the world of business. By taking the data from emails, contacts and business feeds it can save time for the busy men round the world. The data collected is fed into a social graph. The platform is now getting experiments on alpha stage of testing. The main thing is co-ordinate the web and mobile apps together. Accompani is yet trying to solve the basic steps and soon it says will provide the hints of ease for people who are very busy. Even the social updates about their business and other relations will be kept as a record.

It will remind you of important days as birthdays, marriage anniversaries and other dates. The users will be able to send their wishes when they forget to remember in time. $ 6 million has already been raised as fund for the company. ICONIC capital has also lent funds. The board of company is made up of 20 people. Next step of the company will be to go in Beta growth. And what is known that the company will prefer to launch the product soon. Accompani wants to present this service for the first time as a premium service. The news is that company has plans to expand its board before the launch.


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