Apps to help you find the perfect beer or wine this weekend!


This week onwards you can have little or complete dependence on apps to tell you what spirits, wines, beers or whiskeys are the best for you. It will take care of calories and other factors linked with drinks. You have the access to making cocktails and the details of best options available in your area are also found on apps.

Apps will also tell your particulars brand of your favorite beer is available and its price too. The market of all types of wines, whiskeys, beers and vodkas is found on this app. The next thing is you also have a record of what you had last Saturday. It will monitor your health in terms of keeping your health wise record of drinks. You can recall what the intake of your alcohol was last week.

So now there is no need to go to stand in show rooms thinking for what you want to buy and for how much. Different brands will get score based on calories, alcohol percentage and other things and the higher score you see the more inclined you will be to buy a particular bottle of drink.

Next Glass is the app that makes use of your smartphone’s camera to give points to the beer of your choice. The detailed knowledge of wines , there types, there prices, contents and even the uses of last drops in wine bottles are discussed in details. That is the goodness of this wonderful app.

Next Glass may reach you through any website of good reputation. Next time you have party at home remember to take guidance from Next Glass and you will be benefitted as the app will tell you even what your friends like to enjoy. The best of parties you can enjoy.


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