Original Apple I computer, sold by Steve Jobs in 1976, could reach $1 million at auction


On December 11, the only known surviving computer that was sold by Steve Jobs out of parents’ garage will be auctioned. The auctioneer expects that it will fetch money between $ 300,000 and $ 600,000. It would surprise many as it is fully working by selling at over 1 million. It will create history by being the costliest computer in the world. Last week a PC was sold at $ 905,000 without documentation hence there are chances of history being made with the sale of this computer.

Apple began in 1976 and Apple computer was known as Apple 1 and this computer is going to sell at the highest price till now. This computer was bought by Charles Ricketts on July 26th 1976. For authenticity there is a cancelled check for $ 600. The computer was booted up by Corey Cohen in October he ran original Apple system OS, Microsoft Basic a Star Trek game to confirm if it was in working order. Apple 1 was a single mother board with sixty chips. The CPU was 8 bit at I Mhz.

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One had to make one’s own PC Apple. The case was wooden with Smithsonian display. It is expected that this auction will get this PC the highest ever amount for this Apple 1. Let us see who will move to spend hefty amount for an old PC and a cancelled check. It may be either some other museum who may buy relic of age in the working computer. Surely this is going to be the costliest computer as a week ago one such PC has been sold at $ 905,000. There is no doubt if this Apple 1 of 1976 is sold at still higher amount. Experts in relic hope that it might go above one million mark too. A millionaire who has great adoration for Steve Jobs can take this bold step.


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