How to increase fuel Mileage of car in 1 second?


The gas prices are going up high everyday and you need to aware of how to save that extra drop of fuel as it will save money for you. It is group of many things that you do at the same time, and I feel that all the precautions taken you will succeed in saving what you can spend with your kids.

  • The tires must be having the right pressure inflated. Some adventurer man at station may inflate higher amount of air and you have to check your own gauge to see it. The pressures are varied at cold and running levels.
  • Ensure proper tuning of car engine as it can save the maximum for you. The adjustment of fuel mixture with its clean air filter is better. Also see the condition of air and fuel filters and change if you feel like.
  • Try to buy the care that is lightest as the weight is also the enemy of fuel. There are set rules and also your needs that will help you decide the size of the right car for you. If you are in no mood to buy a new one try to travel with the extra kilos off your car. Have the tires with as little width that will suit your safety and driving style as these can cause the obstruction to air.

  • In cars with fuel injection cars remember to check the proper working of all the components like- oxygen sensors, emission sensors, control systems and evaporation systems. A damaged sensor may cause the engine with over-burdened driving.
  • The use of synthetic oil additive you can save 15% fuel as these make the engine smoother. The friction levels of engine come down and also the better performance of car engine for engine for years in ensured.
  • Good quality fuel is better as you may seem to save with discounted fuel a few cents but that is going to cost you more with poor quality. Such fuel will bring down average and also have bad effect on the car engine. Good quality fuel seems to costlier but overall it is cheaper.
  • If you are on a stop-and-go drive in the city switch off car AC as there is no sense in having the AC on as it is not going to do any good. It is also putting burden on the car engine without giving you any advantage.
  • The RPM of the engine should be monitored to how hard the engine is working and try to take the extra burden off. Acceleration, speed and altitude may also be considered. If RPM is above you can shift to higher gear. Try to stay at the RPM of between 2500 and 2700 as they will you the maximum and perhaps that is the aim of planting Tachometer to give you RPM display. Moving uphill you go as high as 3000 or higher RPM. There are hundreds of other measures that can save money for you and we promise to come to you in coming series.

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