Microsoft to implement Apple like track pad gestures!


Good news for laptop users as you will enjoy track pad gestures on getting a makeover to Windows 10. Earlier Mac OS X has done this all. Basically Microsoft has borrowed this idea form Apple. It will lead Microsoft to usability of track pads. Microsoft has declared that this not the question of following Apple as the company has many new features.

Three-finger downward swipe takes your desktop view and upward will take you to multi desktop view. Similarly rightward swipe takes where you have apps and four-finger swipe is for going to OS X. But the similarities between the two are clearly visible. Regardless of which trackpad you may be using your gestures are not going to change. Using MAC system swipes and pinches are marvelous. It is nothing bad if Microsoft is taking ideas from the users. It is sufficient to ask desktop users to buy Magic Track Pad. Microsoft Company. It will certainly lead the users like to make to travel to coming time in the terms of time and advancement.

Genuine Apple Original Magic Trackpad MC380ZM/A Effortless ...

Microsoft people always better to feel the pulse of their prospective customers. One will surely enjoy the computers dancing to their gestures. Nowhere will we see the elements of borrowing from but if one company can do it for the enjoyment with work it is always good. The best of your gestures are followed by your computer and you love it seeing your machine abiding by your commands. The idea of track pad feel is good to follow by Microsoft and we believe customers who feel comfortable with using Windows will feel satisfaction seeing the arrival of new feel in the Windows. Be sure to make the ideal combination of Windows 10 and Track Pad. From next time enjoy feel of Track Pad.


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