Amazon Echo the power of Music


Amazon has decided not to only sell hardware made by other companies. This online retailer is daily going for making new hardware. The latest punch of Amazon is Echo a speaker connected to internet. It responds to voice commands. This product tells the story of Amazon having become versatile and diversified. It is yet available for $ 200 and $ 100 to its prime members. Besides multi-functions its looks are very attractive and marvelous. It is slightly bigger than nine inches with black matte finish. Your giving commands to it means you are keep it stick in your bed room. It produced multidirectional sound so as you can’t judge without seeing the place of speakers named echo. Beam formation technology is used for it obey your commands and the commands reach from the seven speaker mics near the top edge. There are other mics on the other edge to cancel the noise from the room. You can see wonderful results while using it with Amazon Cloud Player, iHeart radio and many still.

Amazon 1

There are also news on Google or Siri. It can also tell you how many feet are in a mile. Earlier Amazon hit the news with Kindle Fire and we expect it do brisk business with Echo. CEO Jeff Bezos is very much in the business. It is daring of him to follow with Echo like product after the failure of Fire Phone. Amazon has felt that such speakers is something the customers to pay for its many features. The price is also just good for this bargain. Firephone ended with unsold items of millions but now we hope everything will change for the house of Amazon. Echo makes a promise to the customers for good stuff in the money they pay and for the company that wants to pay back in terms of quality product.


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