Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare disables Share Play on the PS4


You must have played your friend’s copy of Advanced Warfare on PS4 but this time the news is not good for you. Sony’s 2 Firmware will not work any new release this year. Activision has been disabled this time. The team at Sony is least bothered about the decision of the company. The matter to be seen is how the other companies and publishers follow the company’s lead. SharePlay would work across the work board but company can disable this feature too. Sony has been critics for its inability to correlate the publishers. It is clear that in spite of company’spromise the share Play has been put in disuse. It is for the first that Sony has allowed publishers to ride over the customers. Sony also appreciated with full heart of PS4 telling it the most customers friendly. This time Sony is silent. Sony lacks the fortitude and for that reason customers are suffering. Look at Microsoft and you will find that it is right to go for Xbox 360. The publishers never dared to do wrong for customers’ interests. Activision jumped out to block Call on duty but it is still to be seen what step is taken by EA, Ubiisoft and 2K.

The matter has become serious as the company is suffering from the customers in their reputation. It is time for them to talk to Activision and ask to improve the situation in favor of customers. The team of Sony is said not to be behind the decision to stand behind it.

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Executive team has surrendered to the saying that can say nothing as the matter is not with them. Normally such PS3 games have no regional coding. In 2012 something happened with Atlus Company of the same nature but at that time company took the decision other wise and in favor of customers.



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