HP’s Sprout attempts to replace the keyboard with a built-in 3D camera and projector


Human eyes will be refreshed to see Sprout that is in one PC that replaces key-board and mouse with twenty inches 20 point touchpad. HP says that it is a blended reality. So it time for interface between reality and the virtual. Along with projector there is a high resolution camera. The CPU is Core i7, 8GB RAM and 23 inches touch-screen. Windows 8.1 are installed on it. Mulitouch allows the use by more than one person. HP illuminator is the 14.6 mega-pixel camera. Three system- Intel Realsense 3D camera and one LED desk lamp are all combined. The touch pad is made of some material that is not visible to camera. The stylus works on the touch for any work of art. The projects key board is comfortable to type on it. Sprout can do many things for you even without touching.

keyboard with 3d camera1

The idea of twenty point touch pad is great but a good Wacom can also do that with the same ease. Realsense camera is great but it cannot take gesture-based inputs. Haptix is great and novel. The company has a cool step by taking this computer out. All it is with great features with some additional new daring experiments. The only thing remains to be seen that how customers like the idea of Sprout. HP has shown the spirit of courage as the chief executive has said that they are happy to announce release of this set. They hope people will like as they are some additional things. Still in a short time the picture will be clear. The other thing is that people from all categories will like it, they may be creative artists, students or office workers. Many great minds of the company have presented this Sprout after their work of patience.

http://www.extremetech.com/gaming/193324-hps-sprout-attempts-to-replace-the-keyboard-8GB RAMwith-a-built-in-3d-camera-and-projector


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