Microsoft Band: A cross-platform fitness-oriented smartwatch for $200


And now Microsoft comes with a new idea of cross platform fitness after the release of Google fit. Microsoft says that it is their attempt at wearable computer. This is a band looks like smart watch that can be used with Microsoft Health App. The program generates graphs and tracks that in turn show your health related activities or even problems that may arise from time to time.


The price of this wonder health band is set at merely $ 200. The health app is available for iOS, Windows and Android users. The band comprises of Many sensors that take view of GPS, heart rate, and ultra violet rays and thus you will be knowing when to apply sun screen lotion or cream. There is 1.4 inches touch screen display with a fairly high resolution of 320X106. The battery will go for 48 hours with 24 hours monitoring of heart. It looks much like a Windows phone with same typography and animations. If you have Cortana you will have notifications form this Microsoft Band. It will also give you warnings of your phone calls, but sorry you cannot answer the calls from the band. An iPhone or Android can do the purpose without having Windows phone. It seems a good offer for rich middle class people. Microsoft has targeted the prospective class customers. Microsoft Health is actionable insight engine that takes data from your band. Apparently Health will tell you which set of exercises was suitable for you. It can tack how well you slept last night. There is also web-based interface that you can log in form your PC.

It is clear that this band is going to be useful in keeping look at your health round the clock. If by spending this much money you can stay healthy or at least health conscious. It is a very good option for people who want to stay fit.


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