Moto 360 2 Smart watch could arrive next year!


Lenovo executive Gleb Michin hinted at the first smart watch launch by Motorola in the beginning of next year. Earlier the poor battery life came in the way of good success of Motorola smart watch. Now the company seems to have learnt lesson form that. Although Apple has also announced the launching of its smartwatch yet they have not given the date of its release. The watch is going to create sensation but still the half true information is found on some websites. The true information is yet awaited with all its eagerness.

The matter is also of band launched by Microsoft that has time and health monitoring function but smart watch is going to break ground with different features and utilities. Now it will be a rat race between Apple and Motorola on the launching of smart watch. The product is going to win that can provide the maximum features at the competitive price. Websites are trying honestly to present whatever they are getting on the two big launches of the future year 2015.

It was good opportunity for Motorola but the company failed to grab it. No matter as the company comes with new force and renewed confidence. The details of features are also being discussed by websites. The main thing of focus will be the utility of the features and not their number. In fact there are many features in smart watch but practically what you are using in detail is important. The second thing that matters is price. If a costly thing has higher number of features but those are not practically useful the customer should think it to decide in favour of lesser costly gadgets. I wish all the companies best for their business in coming time. We have waiting eyes to listen form Motorola when it is going to launch its Smart Watch 360.


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