Fire TV stick! Fastest Selling Thing at amazoN


Fire TV Stick has become one of the fastest-selling devices ever. Now the company has made a policy for first come first serve basis. The Fire TV Stick is dongle that has become suddenly popular with the people. The sale of this product was launched at price of $ 19. Like ChromeCast the Kindle Fire Stick is fitted in your TV s HDMI port. You get the access to NetFix, Primes Instant Video,A&E, Watch ESPN and ShowTime. Users can get access to movies and TV shows from Amazon Instant Video. Today the list of items is somewhere 200,000 titles. Additionally Fire TV stick can let you playback content from your iOS or Android phone. The voice search can also be made. Or they can by remote at $ 29.99. Amazon has declared that it has dual core processor. Its memory is double the memory than that of Chromecast.

The dongle has dual antenna and dual band. 1 GB is RAM and total storage can go up to 8 GB. ASAP technology provides exclusive features of instant streaming. Amazon is yet not making any promises of the delivery of this TV stick and you can have to wait for any amount of time. Dave Limp Senior Vice President of Amazon has said that they are making tons of devices but the customer demand is sending them on back foot. The company has promised to increase the production in a very short time but still it is not sure to say within how short time. Dual core processor makes this stick very fast to function with your TV or Android phone. You can enjoy tour favorite programs on Tv. Fire TV stick has come out to be the most successful of the Amazon products making a new record in sales.


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