Why are some hard drives more reliable than others?


There are presently three great producers of Hard Disks- Hitachi, Seagate and Western Digital. There has been a hot race among the three for a long time. But latest survey has shown the advancing time for Hitachi in the market of Hitachi. At least a large competition was held to decide the reliability of hard disks in terms of their working and long time with reliability. The results of this were published on some websites. It is proved beyond any doubt that Hitachi is leading. Backblaze has said that unreliable data should not be entertained for reaching any conclusions. And yet it is early to say something about the dependability of the leading three brands. Yet the market surveys are being conducted to know the performance of new hard disks in the market. The opinion of experts of hardware and specially hard disks is more valued. There are people who have big computer concerns are also good to tell you the matters with authority. There is also a system to check that the hard disks which brand are performing good for long years. BackBlaze is still in the process of comparison among the hard disks of different manufacturers.

They will also make the study after making tests and enquiries from the people from the computer line. Some websites are reported as saying that the figures may not be rightly available as the different situation may affect the right knowledge of the facts. The usage of hard disks is also made in different conditions depending upon the temperatures. Before reaching any final saying and verdict it is better to wait to get more accurate answer to the matter of hard disks and their performance in long term.


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