Clash of Clans for PC


Supercell, a Finland based video game company developed and published a game in 2012 named Clash of Clans, which was an online game where one player fight with other player in order to win the gold as well as elixir. Both these items help the player to build a protective defense system that prevents other players to attack him. Clash of Clan is also available for iOS and Android devices.


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Clash of Clans Gameplay:

This is basically a game based on strategies developed by a player to defeat him and take all of his gold and elixir. Though it is a multiplayer game, but it also has a pseudo single player mode in which the player has to fight with the peoples of a goblin village. Clash of Clans focus on a fight between clans and players have to destruct each other’s provision by which they get stars on what amount of destruction have been caused by them. At last player having maximum stars is declared as a winner.

Clash of Clans consists of troop or we can say army which is divided into three sub categories, called as tiers.  Tier 1 category is of Barbarians, Archers and Goblins which are known as fierce characters of this game. Tier 2 is full of Wall breakers, Giants, Balloons and Wizards. Wall Breakers are the skeletons which carries bombs and use them to destroy other player’s walls. Balloons troops are also of skeletons having bombs but they travel using balloons. Tier 3 has Healers, Dragons and mechas heavy armored characters. Two other troops are also present in this game, one is Dark Elixir troop having Goelms, Minnions, Hog riders and Hounds while the last and most important troop is of Heroes, having Barbarian King and Archer Queen.

A major part of this game is of building storage houses which helps user to store all the Gold and elixir they won from other players. Gold allows user to build much safer and protective buildings that can bear attacks from other players; while Elixir helps in training of new troops and in research works. Whenever a player completes a milestone or achieves a dedicated level, they are awarded with gems or the currency of the game, which can be used by the player to purchase resources.

How To Use Clash of Clans On PC:


Clash of Clans can be used on PC with the help of an Android emulator known as Bluestacks. You have to follow some steps given below to use it on your PC.

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How to download Clash Of Clans for PC ?

  1. Download and install Bluestacks app player first. To get it, click here.
  2. After the app player is installed successfully search for Clash of Clans in Play Store.
  3. You have to download it as well and wait till it gets installed.
  4. Clash of Clans icon will appear on Bluestacks home screen. Click on it and start playing.

 That’s all you need to do for playing this smartphone game on your computer.


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