Drag Race: Rush For PC


Drag Race is an adrenaline rush game. By this you can assume how thrilling it is. The game endows you with exciting features. Its 3D visuals are so appealing that it feels almost real. This can be rightly said that it gives a tough competition to other racing games. Base on the game, it has only one opponent and you have to reach to the finishing point as early as you can. The moment you touch the dead line, your reaching time is showcased and the less time you consume the more rewards you get.


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It is quite different from the same panelled games in which you compete with many cars on track. It’s a time based race which challenges your capabilities. The game is released for Android devices and can easily be downloaded on iPad and Android devices. But we want to make it large, hence we will guide you on Drag Race: Rush for PC.

Let’s Check Out Its Game Plot and Features:

Ultimate 3D Drag Race which is plotted on a revenge story, you are the one who lost the title of world’s best racer and you want it back. You have to get your pride back and for this you have to gear up and find the best possible way to snatch it back. From hook or crook get the trophy beside you, that is the only aim of your play.

To help you down the race you have a Russian chick beside you named, Svetlana. She will give you all necessary tips and tricks and will guide you all the way through. Asia will be your first destination then you move on to the next continent. Your journey will finish in America by crossing Columbia, exciting yeah! It is…so best of luck and prove yourself that you are a winner.

Features of Drag Race

  • Flash game- Its one of the most loving Android game therefore it maintains its position in the top 10 superior racing game since it release.
  • Perfect play- It’s the succession of the first game launched under iOS.
  • Several locals to explore.
  • Earn while racing which will help you in purchasing and unlocking new cars.
  • Nitrous engine to boost your speed.
  • Svetlana to help you, so you are not alone, and tips are waiting for you.
  • Prove yourself, be a fighter, challenge your limits.

Drag Race: Rush For PC

As we know that Drag Race for PC is not available directly, so we need an Android emulator to perform this download. Follow the steps mentioned below-


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  1. Bluestack Android emulator is the one which I would recommend as I am using the same and have found no problem yet.
  2. For that click here and download compatible one for you.
  3. Add your Google account to the emulator this is mandate.
  4. Go to the search bar and type Drag Race.
  5. Click on the app and install.

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