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Minecraft is a sandbox video game for smartphones, developed in 2009 by Markus Persson, a Swedish programmer and later on in 2011 it was published by Mojang with slight changes in its framework. In this game user has to construct buildings in a 3D world with the help of cubes. Some other features include exploring, collecting resources and combat. Almost all smartphone users can play this game on their mobile device and if user wants to play it on their PC, then they can play it via Bluestacks.

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Minecraft: Create your World

Minecraft is a game where player can move freely in it’s open world. Also in this game there are no dedicated goals or mission that user has to finish and that’s the reason of huge popularity of this game among smartphone users. However, if user want to try something extra within the game they can go for other modes of play. Its gameplay is nothing but a break and place mechanism in which player has to break cubes from one place and place them at another place. These cubes are of different materials like tree, water bodies, various resources, stones, etc.

Minecraft world consist three different landforms i.e. jungles, deserts and snowfields and it depends on user, from which form they want to start their game. Just like a normal lifestyle, Minecraft also features day and night cycle time system which is of 20 minutes. Player has to face some interruption in the game called as mobs or non player character having hostile creatures, animals and villagers. Hostile creatures include spiders, zombies and skeletons. Some more creatures like Creeper and Enderman are considered as the fiercest creatures of this game.

Minecraft gameplay also consists of five different modes which are Survival, Creative, Spectator, Adventure and Multiplayer mode. Survival mode consists of collecting resources during which monster attack player. Also this mode contains a health and hunger bar which depletes whenever any creature attacks player or when hungry. In creative mode player don’t have to search for resources as they are available directly, through an inventory menu. Adventure mode is somewhat similar to survival mode but had some restrictions too in terms of resources. In spectator mode, player has to just checkout how this happens in game without getting involved in it.  Multiplayer mode can be used by players with the help of servers which can be either of their own or from any hosting provider.

How To play Minecraft On PC?

Though Minecraft is a game developed for smartphones but user can experience this game on their PC also. For this they need Bluestacks app player, which is an Android emulator and functions as a cross platform for Android apps. Follow the steps given below.

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  1. Firstly user has to download and install Bluestacks on their PC.
  2. Once finished with that search for Minecraft in its search bar, start installation.
  3. Once installation is done, User can find Minecraft app in app list of Bluestacks.
  4. Open and start playing.

 That’s all you need to do for playing Minecraft on your PC.


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