Thinkpad X Series Unknown Facts!


Thinkpad X Series was originally made by IBM but now it is marketed by Lenovo. It was launched in market to provide mobility to the workers combined with better experience of extra thin and light weight note-books. In weight it is wonderful with its weight that is equal to 2.5 liters of milk. The first of this series was released in market in year 2005. The display is marvelous with TFT LCD. The qualities combined together make it very much liked and appreciated lap top with durability of design and the making. The processors use low power and so the charging goes on for hours.

* Thinkpad X Series have low battery consumption with the fine design engineering. Other features those add to the durability are- Roll cage, magnesium alloy covers and spill resistant key board that is free from any damage even if some ting spills over it. Thinkpad Helix was released mainly for high end users of IT sector who needed mobility combined with all the flexibility of lap top.

* Thinkpad X220 was released in April 2011 and was accepted favorably by the critics and IT users equally well.

*It as appreciated for its long battery life. Camera was not liked as the pictures were crisp but colors were not rich. Thinkpad X 220was adjudged the best note book for use but its looks were found to be business looks only.

* Now it has Intel Sandy Bridge i7 processor with 16 GB RAM in DDR. Intel HD 3000 provides the power to integrated graphics. The battery cab continue working for up to nine hours and that is wonderful performance. 12.5 inches display is sharp enough to give clear view of screen and there were variations available for and particular choice of features.  Download PK English Subtitles SRT 


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