A quick read for top ten mobile phones in world today!


We have really worked hard to make list of top ten phones for you. Just go to check yourself in the market but remember to take care of our list as it can mean a lot for you. Years back you be having for your mom Nokia 3310 but now the scene is changing. Then here came the age of Sony Ericson with a half-hearted camera. At that time it must have pleased you. The mobile you buy now will be kept in your pocket for two more years. The best ranking mobiles are having so many features d functions that you can continue with these sets for a long time rather till when there is abrupt change in technology. Price is not the only consideration for a mobile in our ten top sets. All the features combined and their utility for us and also the appearance are among the factors we study. HTC One stayed in our top ten for about ten months. There are really few players in mobile market and a careful study based on all the aspects is the most value things for us to make things easier for you.

iPhone 5 seemed to be over-priced for its features and appearance. Nexus 5 came with a bang- bang as the price was tolerable for many. HTC recollected with HTC ONE M8 with powerful features to attract you. Now the recent arrival of iPhone 6 has made ripple in market. Just see for it if you want something attractive for your pocket. Apple has put their experience in this new release. I feel the best option for everyone is to encash the possibility of old phone deal by exchange price. You can save by comparing with the market the price of the phone you are selling. Motorola Moto G is one of the options. For its price the features are really good. This set has turned the market for its features at a half price as compared with other sets of the same price tag. Recently new variant in Moto G is 4G compatible with a Micro SD slot and the price of merely 150 pounds. Android L is another name in mobiles that is determined to make news in the market with its all new features. You will be able to make an animation, make shadows look real. You have been given power to do anything literally with the help of this set. Such power was kept away from you for a long time. Every animation on your screen is allowed to connect with other so that you don’t lose the reality between two lines. Google is going unlimited power to developer of websites. They can also check the possibility of different designs and tools that are available on other developer sites. The other facility that makes it works with swipe of your fingers. When you are working with apps and you receive a call you will get the message on the top asking you to take the call if you want to. This you are saved from extra tension of intervening.


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