Google Nexus 6 Best Deals!


Catch your heart and wait with excitement for Google Nexus 6 to arrive in market in the month of October or November. Its first version came to market on October 31st, 2013. We expect Google Nexus 6 to hit market showrooms same month of the next year. Nexus 5 was given the price tag of $ 349 and it is hoped the next set will also fall in the same category of pricing. Google Nexus 6 will be able to run next version of Google Operating system. Google has a reputation of giving hardware with new software. Unlike Nexus 5 we expect Google Nexus 6 to run on the next version of Android.

nexus 6 | Concept Phones

Google Nexus 6 will be based on LG G3 as its previous version was based on LG G2. Some are having doubts over Google borrowing so heavily from LG but it is cleared that all is happening by chance. Even the screen size of both LG and Nexus are exactly the same. Much is written and uploaded on websites in the matters related to the expected date of arrival of Nexus in the market. But I think we people are now going to make the mobiles our demigods. We think of these as if they are living heroes who entertain us with their news. We love them as we adore film stars.

LG has clearly refused of any involvement in Google Nexus 6. They say everything is happening in its own way. The coincidence of size of 5.5 inches has also created ripples of doubt. But it is never learnt from any source that there is some sort of give and take between the two giant companies. Anyhow yet we wait for the date of Google Nexus 6,s arrival in market and only then the decks will be cleared for the final word about this so said Google Marvel. Let us see what the future has in store for this slim but strong featured phone.


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