Something which you didn’t know about your iPhone! Hidden Features ;)


iOS8 iOS8 has many new features that were missing form iOS7 phones. The phone is equipped with the latest feature of third party Swype key board. This phone is looking almost the same but with new features. Thus after a long time you will find iOS 8 with the capability of displaying widgets. These widgets can allow you work with apps more comfortably. You may have the options of controlling your Ebay bidding comfortably. While typing messages you can get the hints of words and that will make the typing quicker. Thus QuickType will assist you in receiving some big upgrades. QuickType will understand the manner of your conversation and judge whether you are writing for your boss or girl friend and act accordingly by making you the suitable offers. You can also share service from Tumbir.

The third party extensions can be easily shared using the apps store on line. If you want to work with Photoshop Express without leaving you camera roll you can make the editing and save the results in iCloud. You can pull files from the dropbox. Similarly Bing will assist you in translation work. VSCO cam has also co-ordination with iOS 8 to make work easy for you. The widgets have made this set largely versatile in the terms of using. Apps can be started directly from your main screen. So it saves a great amount of time. iOS has made this phone really wonderful for the teenagers and old equally as it is useful for businessmen for they can manage big amount of contacts in their phones. The little time you take in understanding the operating of these sets and later you can devote time to the real functioning. With iOS 8 technology you can enjoy the luxury of working in no stopping way. iOS 8 is found really wonderful in the world of mobiles.


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