iPhone 6 features and Best Web Deal


When it comes to general 2G network there are many options in iPhone 6. It has variants like GSM 850/900/1800/1900. For 3G compatibility there are sets of HSDPA 850/900/1700/1900/2100 on GSM. There are proprietary ring tones with vibration mode. There is also facility of loud speaker. One can please his ears by fitting 3.5 mm jack to the socket. In the field of design it has won 6.6 marks from the market experts. Features of iPhone 6 have got 6.6 and performance has been given 6.4 points each. Browser HTML Safari is always ready to assist you in the work of surfing. The grand sets can be bought form the market in two colors of space gray and Silver.


  • The mic is honest enough to cancel the noise from outside that may disturb the listener. iCloud provides its cloud service with iCloud Keychain.
  • It can give the out to TV for watching anything from phone to TV. There are services of photo viewer an editor. The documents in any format can be viewed and edited on this set.
  • No doubt Apple has a big name with last week announcement of selling its oldest computer for millions of dollars. In making this iPhone 6 the company seems to have no practical purpose except to add one more product to its cart.
  • It seems to me that company will soon feel that it was not a very good reason to go for the manufacturing this phone as it has nothing but a number to the already too long list.

People, who were looking forward to see company achieving marvelous response from the customers, were disheartened to see the reality. I hope the company will have no shock from this bad dream and jump back with all the strength to prove that Apple is Apple.


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