Nexus 6 leaks: 5.9-inch Moto monster with…!


Nexus will be the next by Google in 5.9 inches size with many rich features. The available photo of Nexus makes it clear that phone is version of Moto X. Unlike Moto X it has many hardware specials. The QHD display is 2560 X 1440 and the battery has the long lasting power of 3200+mAH. The month of October will see this phone in the market. The price is yet not made known. Earlier iphone 6 has also the size of goodness with yet HTC will be following the M8 or S5 Galaxy is also reaching market soon. The phone will have many qualities but in today’s fast drifting market it not possible to declare which one will be better than other sets. Overall Nexus has a good appearance and rich features that will make it popular. But we look at the present condition of Google it is hard to tell anything of the future market of Google Nexus.

nexus 6 | Concept Phones

The demand depends upon the acceptability of the customers of Google. Whether they welcome Google after a long time or not is to be seen. On seeing the photo of Google Nexus 6 many people have expressed their wonder of it’s looking similar to Moto X. The company must have put hopes of good sales by this phone set that is studded with many decent features. Wireless, HD display, sleek body and marvelous looks are among the main features. The company says that this set will mark the coming back of Google once again. Soon the market will decide the fate of this mobile known as Google Nexus 6. The details of the set are not available. Different websites are trying hard to explain the features and people are surfing the internet to find out the best knowledge of Google Nexus 6. Yet the company is silent about the details but they say they are sure to get a warm response from the clients.


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