Android L release date, news and features!


Sundar Pichai , head of Android holds that it is going to be one of biggest upgrades for Android. It is going to be a radical design with over 5000 new APIs. The major input source will be voice. It is not clear that it be available on priorities or otherwise.

It is reported that developers may get the sets from June 26th. Launching it at Google IO makes sense. HTC is excited about the new features of Android L. It is hoped after getting final software from Google the updates for HTC One M7 and M8 will be rolled out. Remember it will be developer preview and the final version will arrive in a year. There will be the main effect on the things are looking now. It will bring you the best till now in making possible that was still impossible.

Android L vs iOS 8: first look

Google says that the effects of 3D tiles sliding one under the other will be the new thing granted. The looks will be consistent while you may be on any app. Roboto font is given a new definition so that you get the feeling of watching a TV. The control buttons for home, back and multi-tasking have been refined and made in a better way. This mobile platform from Google will be more intuitive and guessing. One will get relevant information of the app he is using. The notification panel is merged with lockscreen so that you are able to see what is happening when you pick up your phone. Notifications will flow on the top and you will be able to get a call when still you are in the game. You will be recognized by your set and open without any PIN. If without Bluetooth device on you will have to punch your code to open it. It will know you through Bluetooth device. If you feed your address at Google Earth you can be reached directly. Chrome browsing has an API and other apps can make use of it. Android L the fastest yet as it can put the platform together in a new way. You will be faster, quicker and stylish using Android L. There are some finer details for your interest if you need optional runtime in Kitkat it is made standard in Android L. It works with ARM, X86and MIPS platforms. It is as fast as the double of Dalvik runtime that is found in earlier versions Android. Another plus point will be that all apps will adjust to the benefit of saved data while in the background. The programs are run in way to save battery power to the maximum. So you can be sure of good results in every field of surfing, designing, architecture saving every drop of the energy of battery and data you use.


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