Do I really need it in my next car?


While driving car at night this system cab alert you pedestrians, Cyclists and animals to save them from being hit and you from being entangled in law. Especially the objects are covered that are out of range for head lamps. Algorithms come as main technology that senses.


A warm object coming near the road and warns you of the coming thins by head lamp swivel. When the driver gets alert naturally one can a life. From 2000 to 2012 the cost of such instruments was fairly higher. But now the cost of components is coming down and you can get it better quality and long life. We expect you to get system at $ 1000 very soon and still with better accuracy. The theory of this instrument is simple and dependable. An infrared sensor looks in the grill for warmer in temperature objects. The sensor image is carried to dash board display to alert the driver. Most of the night technology instruments are working on this principal. The algorithms further see the size and bulk of animals to warn you about the intensity of risk ahead. It is working like seeing a negative film. The heat emitted by the body of living things causes the objects to be brighter in display while other hot objects remain light in display.


The brighter things the attention of drive and in turn will take steps for safety. There are light amplification glasses that increase the vision of darker objects and that is also good for safety of all moving in the road zone. The rocks and roads are displayed as grey objects and the driver can differentiate easily between them. This technology is also used in many weapons when we use laser lights for striking at the enemy with accuracy.


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