DARPA wants to build an Avengers-like flying aircraft carrier


US military heavily depends on Drones. Lesser risk is involved in comparison to manned aircrafts. These are versatile as can be used in different war situations and strategies. However in speed these have limitations for no high speeds are there. DARPA is trying hard with the idea of taking the speed of these drones to higher limits. Scientists are putting in hard work so as to provide new engines for better performance and speed. Till now the efforts are going on. It is a future idea to have them as cool as The Avengers of SHEILD.

Even in World War II it was possible to launch and recover the planes from mid-air. Upto 1000 feet long air-carriers were designed for carrying five F9C Curtiss Sparrowhawks. Scout planes could be launched and recovered in a trapeze shaped hook system. During the time of their presence in services there was not a single incident of accident or crash mid-air. Now only Hangar 1 is the great air-ship at Moffet Felid built by House of Macon.

Could the Avengers' Helicarrier become a reality? | Daily Mail OnlineMany of adventurous thinking and imagination have idea and expectation that one day DARPA should make planes they saw in Avengers. Scientists and flight engineers are making sincere efforts to bring to reality the dreams of people. The hangar has been taken by Google on lease for $ 1 billion a ten year lease. Google wants to locate it near their Research Center. The people still wonder what the air-ship is to do with the Silicon Valley. But Google can give you the best reply. DARPA is now busy on other projects that it carrying ahead. The future of such big planes has now been reversed as there is time for planes that can be maneuvered comfortably for their size.

Next-gen US drone: Now equipped with 'death ray' laser — RT News


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