Mozilla releases Firefox Developer Edition!


Not only has the crowd needed the services of Firefox as Mozilla has proved that it continuously works for betterment and progress all the time. This week only Mozilla has announced the web browser that has IDE (Integrated Development Environment) in built. So Firefox has come to relevancy again for the people in web-developing business. The first thing you notice is the dark aesthetic theme to match developers. So there is more space on screen to view better. Firefox Tools Adapter is also baked into. This feature gives you the freedom to test your websites your different engines.

This tool can also help you in code for Safari, Chrome, Android and iOS. Firefox OS support is also included but remains miniscule. WebIDE feature allows you create, test and release web apps from your browser. Really it comes as a powerful presentation from the Mozilla Company. Mozilla also looks forward to accept suggestion from people who can help making it better and more efficient. It has all happened to mark tenth anniversary of the browser and many web site developer will be looking up at Mozilla. The release does not fix all the problems in the way of Mozilla for these many years but the Company has determination to cover up the leaks if these are. Many people who want to go ahead with this developer power offer their assistance to Mozilla to make Firefox more powerful for website developers.

Mozilla team has full faith in this project and on the future when they will gain perfection in it. The people who have earlier used X code or Visual Studio IDEs they can better work with it. Let us hope better for the company.


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