Humans teaching Karate to Robots!


It will remain of prime importance way humans have given the power of ruling the planet to robots. At least one page remains for the teaching of karate to robots. At the Institute of Human Learning and Machine Cognition Humans engineers have taught karate to the giant 6 footer to do famous crane kick. It weighs 330 pounds in weight. Ralph Macchio weighed much lesser than the other robot. Atlas has not really jumped and performed the trick. Even back in 1984 the kick had seemed somewhat phenomenal. Atlas is built by Boston Dynamic that was acquired by Google last year. Google has also acquired Deepmind. Earlier also many scientists have tried with success to make such robots that have proved the work of men at robots. The future of robots is in the hands those men who have tried to teach different things that may marvel people. The wonder becomes almost visible at the faces of men watching robots doing these impossible like feats of agility and strength

Boston Dynamics have been working with robot science for years now and they have reached some conclusions that are helpful to them in making more progress. The robots have also been taught to find and collect dangerous objects like bombs and grenades. If robots are kept in mind for giving them such training the day is not far when robots will be able perform other marvelous movements and tricks. The engineers who put in their brain for making robots smarter think that they are always working in the interest of mankind by giving the risky work to robots. People look forward to next year as what more the robots can be trained to do. The better time for robotic science is coming ahead as we are looking at the next year.


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