Mercedes paint harvests solar and wind energy!


The idea of concept cars is great as engineers are handed over super powers to create car on their own. The aim is see those cars succeed in open market. Every company has its own style of marketing as some are making cars that are highly expensive, super features or the minimum delivery. For this many car buyers feel that they want to get that car but this car does not come in their reach. Mostly companies prefer to make down side versions of new inventions in engines and cars are better accepted in market as compared to conventional cars.

The company may be thinking they are keep something with them reserve to give it to the people after some months or years. Market researchers say if only such car comes to market it is really great. Mercedes Benz has also released its new car in market. This curvy masterpiece is named Vision G-Code. This car is covered by multi-voltaic paint that can generate power from sun and wind both. The paint generates fuel and this car is powered by both a conventional motor and a super charged hydrogen combustion engine. One power goes through rear wheels and the other power goes to front wheels.

Mercedes hydrogen-electric hybrid harvests solar and wind energy ...

The hydrogen engine makes use of water emissions for the car to improve car’s consumption. Mini kinetic generators are made in the shock-absorbers and brakes. This car seems to revolutionary with the idea of generation by paint.


Mercedes hydrogen-electric hybrid harvests solar and wind energy ...

The better average makes all appreciate this Vision car. Mercedes has bypassed direct battery charging by giving this duty to Hydrogen system of generation. Earlier cars of this genre used the power from the air by blocking it bringing up the fuel consumption. The wind vanes installed blocked he smooth air flow and that put pressure on the car engine causing the higher resistance.Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code concept SUV unveiled


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