US government uses fake cell towers, flown on airplanes, to harvest phone data and track down criminals!


The American government has to catch terrorist often and it that race how far it can go is thing that is unexplainable. Way back in 2007 Marshal Service of America was using fake tower cells in its small planes crossing the country everywhere. These fixed wing Cessnas intercept the communications between your towers and mobile sets. The question is if it is not an attack of of liberty of the people. The Marshalls were able to locate the exact place of such mobiles by making a triangle.


The governments people have said that their first priority is keep country safe form the activities of the terrorists. Much information about such activities of Marshalls is printed in Wall Street Journal. According to people who are aware of such operations ask how many terrorists are tagged by the agency since 2007. The planes form five airports that cover almost the whole of population of America. The main technology working behind is signals intelligence made possible by Digital receiver Technology. When the mobile look to their towers these can be traced with the five feet distance accuracy by the Marshall people. In fact two systems of computers are working in your sets- consumer facing OS like Android and a background OS that handles the connectivity stuff. The second one with connectivity power can be hacked by others. It has very low route to your phone. Even some people have moved Supreme Court in that respect of attacks on the privacy of the people and the court in turn is giving serious thought to possible decision. Hence people say that there should be no back door to the government agency actions. It is never right to observe people when they are going for their private and personal matters. And the figures should also be made public on the advantage of the govt. agencies.


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