How to Empathize!


Empathy is to know what people feel and to feel what they feel. Meaningful relations are formed and continue for long stretches of time. I wish that one day you may be known in your circles as the person who has the feeling of the feelings of others.

The first major step is to know your feelings because before feeling for others you have to be master of your feelings and only then can know how people feel.

  • Never express you sorrow and always stay in touch with people around you. If something upsetting happens do not go to bar and sit there brooding. Rather share your feelings with some positive friend or cousin. It may take you to social disconnected.
  • Don’t suppress negative feelings. Deal with them in positive way by crying or writing them down on paper or you can share with some dependable friend.
  • Be a patient listener to be smooth to hear what one is saying and what he wants to share with you. Make his believe that you are serious in listening to him. Put yourself away for time-being and live for him.
  • You may have been in not-so-good relations with him but now set yourself in orientation mode to see what his problem is. Know that sharing sorrow or tension halves the burden of the speaker and that very person who has come to you to share in faith.
  • Get yourself to negative capability and be what the other person is. Lose your identity and become what the person is. It will give you the direct effect of the feelings of other person.


  • You can feel disturbed to listen other’s story be disturbed as it will help you in coming out with right feelings. Actors act in films and every time you feel that they are real characters. This is their quality to be the character they are living and be one submerged with what you feel and listen.
  • Show the other person that you can experience his feelings and that will be quite apparent in your eyes as you are eloquent. You eloquent eyes will say that you have felt the feelings of other person. Try to learn and study other people’s life and feelings. Know of their problems and their struggles and it will make you better prepared to take them to understanding.
  • Travel places, meet people and share with them and all the experiences will lead to a better life in the terms of understanding for others’ feelings. It will also make your life better and higher as it is a godly quality to feel for others and do what you can do for them.
  • Prefer to talk to the people whom you don’t know. Share with them what you can. Talk to the man sitting next to you in a bus or train. He can say something practical that can give a lesson which you would have learnt after hard work and costly mistakes

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