How to plant ideas in someone’s MIND?


If were ever persuaded to buy a thing that you never wanted to purchase or buying it was not in your nature and even then you felt like buying it, the idea of buying was given to you by someone and he is the man who changed your mind for time being. It is known as changing the thinking for a short period. It can also be explained to describe such powerfully so as to force you to do it without using own reason.

It is happening with many people at different levels that they force others through the force of their ideas and thoughts to do such things that they would not have done. It also happens in Hypnotism when you ask a man before you to multiply two and two and if you force him to think it is nine, he will say it is nine. He for the time-being thinks as you have directed him to lose the power of thinking and reasoning. There are real stories of people how they force other people to commit crimes of evil nature without thinking the effects. They are otherwise san people to think it at other times that what they are doing is bad. The force of obedience comes when you make them feel what you say is right and final and you also express that they need not think and temporarily drop their reasoning for your command and act as you tell them. | Spirit Mind Vs. Physical Mind

The terrorist are working on the same pattern. They wash the brains of people whom they want to work for them. The people working lose their power of making decisions and act according to the so-called seniors. They can kill people, plant bombs or hijack planes. You have to confident and persuasive to ask your room mates to do dishes for you. The passive approach is also one of the methods. One more way is to ask someone I don’t bother if you jump out of plane right now. The other person may be over-courageous and do the thing without giving a second thought. Still one more alternative is to say this way. “ I am not going to do dishes today if you want me to do go to market I will and get stuff for you. You will do the dishes for me too.


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 A true salesman say this way ‘ I think you won’t mind buying this thing as you came to the showroom to buy it. I simply say that you need it and I can prove it.” The confidence of salesman of clear from by his words and he will succeed as he is changing the thinking of the customer. Later the customer may feel that he has been persuaded by salesman. Such great is the force of persuasion, that once you know how to exercise it you can ask the people to do the things that you want them to do may be unwillingly.


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