Why Android 5.0 Lollipop is already coming to phones and tablets?


Two years back one could not expect to read tech news about how slow were the Android updates. At that time only one year old platform was used and then how one can depend on it to stay for longer times. This year also you can see almost every company updating its models as per Android version 5. It is not just as technology is developing fast and companies are trying to make money out of that. It never seems that this Android 5 will stay in race for long time. LG, Motorola and shield tablet are being launched to make use of Android 5 crunch. Google sought to offer platform to release previews and it also helped developers and finally a new mobile was born.

Google has done this for the first time. When developer preview went live Google pushed it open source code for Android L and to Android Open Source Project. OEM’s got a big start by all this happening. Google had been working at Platform Developers Kit for last many years. This package gives access to OEMs to APIs and code samples. Hence it is a simplified process for Android updates technology. Google has gone beyond the original scope with making Lollipop. Android 5 is without any doubt the biggest platform for updates. It also makes the offers of many features that are new and wonderfully acceptable to the Lollipop and many other Android users. Nexus owners are also satisfied with their phone sets. It is good news for all that OEMs are committed that every Android user should get the benefits. Thus Android makes a better and stronger platform for all its users. HTC has promised to ONE M 8 users that all the sets will be updated within three months.


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