Windows 10 is great but PC will remain dying


Windows 10 is being used by some people for some people for one month. It will be a solid answer for billion plus desktop and mouse habitual people. The people would prefer to go up with Windows 10. It is an attempt to revive and rejuvenate slowly dying beast. Desktop seems to have become that slowly dying beast that Microsoft wants to keep live. Way back in 1995 people had a fancy for Windows. It was the trick of salesmen or a fancy of brightly colored screen that always kept the hopes of people alive for years together. The 1995 magic was never made again with Widows XP or OS. During this period the company enjoyed the fastest boom. And encouraged company went to make phones and tablets. Form 2000 the picture has started changing with the recess in desktops and Smartphones and tablets started taking over. The picture of 2015 is under guess with desktops sales decreasing a lot. The Windows lovers may now seek Mac instead. The phrase ‘The best mouse and keyboard’ OS cannot attract the same magic and it is really difficult for Microsoft as people are now changing over smartphones and tablets. Now the company is to learn that people will prefer tools that can work extra in little money.

Google has done wonderfully with advertisements and Amazon with selling and now both the companies are thinking of taking out more apps so that a man does not stand in a queue get a boxed copy. It has become a big challenge for Microsoft that has depended for a long time on Windows OS. I feel the company is also a giant of time and will take some steps to do something as if the company goes on trouble-free.


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