IPAD AIR 2! A real revolution!


Recently a very reputed website has said that this super fast thing has insane speed of processing. I feel it the best remark to its quickness. It is alarmingly thin to die for the cause of being called a tablet. The lap tops may shy to have a look at it. iPad Air 2 is really a marvelous work of design engineers who have worked madly to bring down the thickness to the minimum possible. That is why the iPad Air 2 catches your attention whenever you have look at that. Love and sheer love you will experience on having the feel of this set in your hands. iPad Air 2 is one of the best products the company has ever launched.



  • Various features of iPad Air 2 have under gone tests to confirm the fast processing of these all. It is proved that the set is the fastest till now. The price is tagged at $ 399 for the time-being. I personally experienced the speed and found jealousy boiling in me why I have not bought iPad Air 2.
  • It seems to be mini lap top when we see it speed up. Its screen is more solid than previous AIR 1. The camera features are also much improved. The set is picture of grace and slimness. The ultra thin size sometimes creates doubts of being its slender but as far no such incident of breakage of the set has been reported.
  • It looks like a thin wafer to be decorated in your pocket. The speakers are so thin that it is difficult for these to give out the quality sound. The thing is the higher price range. Some people feel it is not good for the price these are offered at.

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