MINI 3 the most boring product apple ever launched


Apple has jumped to larger screens with iPhone Mini at $ 119 at the iPad event. Ipad mini 3 is almost the same as iPad 2. The camera A7 SOC is used with the same size of screen. The only variation is kept of the touch sensor technology. Remember you will spend extra dollars for the facility of finger touch sensor. Generally Apple is not good at making such drastic offers without any serious thought. iPad Mini can be bought at $ 400 for no special features. The photos of the set make it clear that in size and dimensions this set good as its earlier versions. It is simply nonsense to spend extra 100 dollars. But people have money to spend and the feeling of excitement that follows the buying the latest arrival of mobile in the market. You will agree with me when I say when Apple launched the iPad 2 it was right but now the company has done always foolish thing. Yet the company holds that the newest launch has created a sensation in the mobile market. Articles have appeared on different websites saying that Apple will rethink before launching any revised and improved set in the series of iPad.

Apple has otherwise very good customers for its many models in mobile range. The engineers from the company have also refused to say something on the release of iPad3. The expert people still agree that they have not found anything like spending those extra dollars in the phone. Let us see that how company makes up for this mistake in making the decision of making iPad3. The better decision would have been in the form of adding some more extra features for the price increased. The criticism is still going high against the company of having dropped the iPad3 sets.


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