Nokia N1: An iPad Mini clone that runs Android 5.0, priced at just $250!


This set by Nokia has close resemblance with iPad Mini with 7.9 inches screen and the same bezels. Camera, control buttons and universal jack are the same facilities and the looks also similar. The striking feature with a difference is reversible USB Type C connectors. Like Apples there lightening connector. Nokia set is 13 grams lighter in weight than other sets of its competition at 318 grams. Intel Atom Qud core Z 3580 Soc processors give the zooming power to this wonderful phone. Its back camera is 8 mega pixels with better accuracy.

This Nokia N1 Android will give platform to many apps with ease and simplicity of operation. The battery life of the set is also very good powered by a long lasting battery of good mAH. Nokia N1 has one more advantage as the customers will have to spend a little lower than other sets of its features wise range. The Wi-Fi of this set is also better in range and power with 802.11 AC. The company spokesman has mentioned in his statement that this set is going to make its place in the world of mobile very soon. Front face of the mobile has two net filters that give us better appearance than its contemporaries. The difference in hardware is going to how much effective is yet to be seen. But one thing is clear that Nokia Company is also having along experience of mobile market and the same experience will help the company in doing better. Different websites are giving the details with positive criticism for this Nokia N1 Android handset. Still is too early to say naything about the future of this Nokia Marvel. Its price is lower than iPad Mini and that factor can be plus point for its sale to the customers.



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