Redmi Note DEALS and features!


Redmi Note are awfully great looking with great features but you have to be aware of the fact that the batteries in the set are not yet available in India. Once the battery goes out the phone is for seeing only. But as far as the price is concerned it is wonderfully kept low by the company. Mainly the customers focus on other features of Redmi Note and in that area it out classes. But stop before buying any set as there are many things for you to consider. The 3200 mAH battery is for once only but still we cannot say if the same battery can be made available by the company.


  • Xiaomi Redmi Note is available with 2GB plu 8 GB memory and 13 MP Camera and this phone is 3g and 4G compatible. The colours are great and attractive. But the price is kept at $ 187 in the market. Redmi Note is available in many variants with stunning features and designs. All these are LTE Smartphones. Some phones go up to the price of $ 268. The added one or two features make the difference in price.
  • The only one weakness is the availability of battery but it is really stunning for me why company has done this to put a battery in this set. They should have known it that all this is going to damage the reputation of this set and in the long run that of the company itself.
  • It is really out of understanding why company has decided to launch so many models that are extremely beautiful in looks. But it is to be seen if the customers fall out with their hearts.
  • Xiaomi company decided one thing to destruct the Indian market with the extremely low prices which is a sufficient reason for people to opt for these sets .

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